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Printing Waste Paper Baler Machine

Why you need a printing waste paper baler? 

The printing waste paper if left unattended, not only make the working environment look messy, but also bring safety concern. Workers would get tripped over by the waste paper on the ground, furthermore, the possibility of fire also increases. A printing waste paper baler compacts the loose waste paper into dense and regular shaped bales. It not only free up space, help keep the working place clean, neat and safe, but also generate extra revenue for you by selling the compacted bales.

Different types of printing waste paper balers

There are different types of printing waste paper balers available. Vertical balers compress waste from the top down and they are usually manually fed. They are best suited for places with small to medium quantities of printing waste paper. On the other hand, horizontal balers compress from the side. They are with top loading hopper and you can feed with conveyor belt or forklift, allowing for larger quantities. Horizontal balers are ideal for larger quantities of papers.

To sum up, horizontal balers are ideal choices for high throughput printing waste paper baling. They are either semi or fully automatic in operation thus requiring less manual operation. Whilst vertical balers are for lower throughput than the horizontal baler, they are more labor intensive due to its manual operation.

Buying printing waste paper balers from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized hydraulic baler manufacturer. We offer all types of printing waste paper baling machines including vertical and horizontal types with a wide choice of different chamber sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your printing waste paper baling needs in detail, and recommend you the most suitable printing waste paper baler which best fit your needs.

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