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Residential Waste Baler Machine

Residential waste is also popular as household waste. It refers to any waste material typically collected from curbside or roadway at the home where it is generated. It includes garbage, trash and refuse derived from households. However, it excludes recyclable materials such as plastics or landscape waste. Residential waste burning is not the good solution because it does not belong to the prescribed burning or other agricultural burning. So baling or baling plus wrapping will be the good size reduction solution to save space in landfill. This is why residential waste baler works.

Residential waste management

Residential waste management is essential to reduce the waste to landfill at the end. For example, composting food scrap by a composter should be an ideal solution. Of course, the cooperation of residents plays the important role in the success. Practicing residential waste management can greatly reduce the amount of garbage to the landfills. Residential waste management can give ideas on how to reduce the amount of trash that residents accumulate. Also it enhances the waste recycling concept in residents’ daily life. So people know how to reuse and recycle the waste much better.

Residential waste baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBAELR provides several type of residential waste baler machines in our product range. Generally speaking, residential waste is in large scale. As such, the large fully automatic horizontal baler will be more suitable in this case. For example, a horizontal baling requirement from customer is to compress residential waste with capacity of 10tons per hour. The bale size is 1000mm * 1000mm * 1500mm and bale weight is around 800kgs. The number of wire per bale can be either three or four. The most important is to reach capacity 10 tons per hour and 800kgs bales weight. In this case, we can recommend our fully automatic horizontal baler with model SHBA2-1000.

So contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own residential waste size reduction solutions.

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