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Garbage Compactor

  • Garbage Compactor
Trash compactor for compressing daily trash/garbage

The garbage compactor is also known as trash compactor. This machine is specially designed for compressing daily trash or garbage. The daily garbage waste can be paper, carton, film, textile, aluminum or steel cans, PET bottles, HDPE containers, and any other soft packaging materials. Even kitchen and organic waste that has considerable water content can be compressed by this garbage compactor. The compressing bucket of SINOBALER’s garbage compactor is made of stainless steel which ensures no rust problem even when compressing waste that contains liquid.

The hydraulic compressing platen can slide from one position to another. You can slide it away from the above of the bucket when it is time for loading material. And you can slide it back above the bucket once it is time for pressing. It is very convenient and user friendly in operation. Waste material is always compressed into a plastic bag which is pre-placed around the bucket. This can keep the working area clean and dry.  Once the compression is completed and ram has returned, you simply knot the bag and take away the bagged bale. This is very easy and efficient.

Through compacting the garbage/trash volume is greatly reduced, not only the working environment is improved with more space and less mess, but also the waste disposal cost can be reduced with less visiting frequency of dumpsters and hauls as well as saving precious landfill space.

SINOBALER’s garbage compactor is designed to be driven by single phase electric power. This makes the machine applicable basically anywhere from restaurants, cafeterias, offices, schools, hotels, retail stores, grocery shops, hospitals to vessels and homes.

Baling Press Applications For Garbage Compactor:

Paper, carton, film, textile, aluminum cans, bottles, plastic bags, and any other soft packaging materials.

Choose from our model available or contact us for a customized baling solution. View shredders.

Model Bale size Bale weight Throughput Strapping
Length Width Height

500 mm

(20 inch)

500 mm

(20 inch)

800 mm

(32 inch)

25~50 kg (55~110 lbs)

10-14 bales/hr

Main Features

arrow feature Small Footprint and Height
to suit locations with space and height limitation
arrow feature Stainless Steel Bucket
eliminating rust problem
arrow feature Sliding Compressing Platen
the compressing platen can be slid away for convenient feeding
arrow feature Rapid Compacting Cycle
for high working efficiency
arrow feature Bucket Lifting Design
for conveniently taking out compacted garbage/trash