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Stockroom Baler

Stockroom baler also called warehouse baler, internal waste management baler or stock room compactor, refers to the small footprint baling machine applied in convenience stores, supermarket, office developments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, department stores, drug stores and even vessels. Most stockroom balers are vertical balers for small footprint and low ceiling purpose. Stockroom baler greatly reduces waste handling cost and also save human cost as well. The compacted waste bales such as cardboard bales and plastic bales, can be easily transported for disposal or recycling.

Stockroom baler machines in SINOBAELR

Sinobaler as a professional baler manufacturer, has two type of stockroom balers in our baling machine product range. Both of them are very simple to operate and easy for installation.

1. Mill size baler
SINOBALER mill size baler is with robust design and ideal for baling cartons, film, corrugated cardboard, ONP, OMG, office waste and other packaging materials. The baled waste volume can be significantly reduced in the ratio of up to 8:1 for easy transportation and storage. Bale height can be adjusted for achieving different bale size and weight. This stockroom baler can help you achieve zero landfill at your retail level.

2. Mini baler
SINOBALER mini baler is also featured with small footprint and low height. It is a good choice for location with height and space limitations. The wide feed opening model is ideal for handling bulky materials like carton boxes. It is with small size but incredible strength and durability. It can handle a variety of materials such as cardboard, paper, bottles, rags, film and other soft packaging materials even in humid environment. Liquid drainage channel is for draining residual liquid in the containers out of the baler to keep recycling area neater and safer. SVB2-S-100 is our smallest stockroom baler in standard baler models and you can get bale size with 600mm * 400mm*(200-500)mm. Bale weight for OCC can be 20-40kg.

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