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Recycle Office Waste

Nowadays, to support efficient working processes in various corporations or organizations, substantial amount of resources including material or energy is used. In the meantime, large amount of waste is generated subsequently. According to statistics, more than 50% of the rubbish comes from offices and factories. Firstly you need to know what office waste is available for recycling in office. You can pay attention to the materials which are used in big quantities like paper, CDs, stationery packagings, waste computer etc . As an individual, we should develop the habit to reuse or recycle office waste instead of simply throwing them away.

Here are some examples of materials that you can recycle office waste in office:

1. all kinds of waste paper including printing paper, notebooks, envelopes, etc;

2. Carton boxes and other packaging materials;

3. Magazines and newspaper;

4. Used computer, board;

5. Printer toner cartridges. According to different working places, the recyclable items you find may be different.

Other than recycling those materials, there are more things you can do. Here are some tips:
1. Reduce using paper as possible as you can. Send information or documents by email if situation allows
2. Do not print unless it is a must.
3. Print on both sides of the paper if it is OK. And use the other blank side of waste paper to print non-important documents.
4. Reuse waste paper as draft paper or taking notes.
5. Reuse carton boxes for storage of office stuff.

Start from yourself and share your recycling habit with your colleagues. Although it seems small effort, it means a lot to our environment.

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