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Styrofoam Baler Machine

Styrofoam actually is an expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. Furthermore, only 5% of styrofoam is polystyrene and the rest is air. Due to its low cost, light weight and many other benefits as a packaging, insulation and craft material, it has very wide applications in the world. You may claim that styrofoam is not biodegradable, but luckily most forms of styrofoam are recyclable. Styrofoam baler as a size reduction machine is a good solution to save cost in transportation and storage.

How to recycle styrofoam?

Since styrofoam is in large size but it is light weight, you can imagine the huge cost in transporting them to recycling center. So a styrofoam baler is necessary to reduce the transportation size and make them easy for moving. Further size reduction can be done by a styrofoam shredder. The plastic extruder can melt the styrofoam after shredding into small outlets under heat and pressure conditions. Finally you can use these small solid polystyrene pellets to remold new plastic products. For example, you can make new items such as food service packaging, picture frames, coat hangers and more.

But still styrofoam has some harmful points. For example, the benzene in styrofoam packages such as lunch boxes or coffee cups can adulterate food or drink. So packaging industry is seeking new environmentally friendly alternatives to styrofoam. Air cushion packaging is a good replacement and it is also recyclable. Also food packaging made of paper or corn starch is a good alternative too.

Styrofoam baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many type of balers and models for your different choices. Vertical balers, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler are all available for options to bale your styrofoam. Contact SINOBALER to discuss your styrofoam project now.

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