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Things to Think About Before Determining Baler Location

When you are choosing a location for installing a new baler for your facility, you need to consider some factors which can help you build up a more streamlined recycling process. Here are some tips to show the things to think about before determining baler location.

1. The ground material needs to be firm enough so it can be able to support and fix the balers as balers are very heavy and usually need to be bolted to the ground. The concrete floor is widely accepted for placing the balers.

2. Need sufficient space for fitting the baler especially the height factor because some rooms and facilities have height limitation. Check the balers’ overall dimensions before the installation.

3. There need to be sufficient space around the baler for easy operation and maintenance as well. For vertical balers with hydraulic station on the machine top, you need to consider higher space than the machine overall height so you can climb up for maintenance. You should also consider adequate space for material loading, forklift moving, space for bales ejecting out from the baler, etc.

4. You should consider if there is enough space for accessory devices which need to be connected to the baler such as feeding conveyor, bale exit chute, etc.

5. The baler is suggested to be placed close to the material storage area or a convenient place where operators can quickly access to the material that needs to be baled.

6. Check the temperature of the area to place the baler. If the ambient temperature is below freezing point, the baler needs to be equipped with oil heater.

If you need more information about the baler to help you determine the best location to position the baler, you can contact an expert from Sinobaler via, who will help you choose the best place.

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