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Vertical Compression Baler Machine

Baler machines are essential to most recycling programs. Because balers can help to compact large amount of materials into a dense and shaped bales for easy and safe handling in transportation and storage. For some materials like cardboard, baler also provide extra income for recyclers. Although we can find a wide variety of balers in the market and they vary in different structures and applications, you can almost classify these baler machines into two categories. They are vertical compression baler and horizontal compression baler.

Vertical compression baler machines in the market

Vertical compression baler refers to those balers which compress materials with a vertical downward force. So it also popular as downstroke baler. This kind of balers feature with small footprint, lower purchasing cost and wide range of applications. They are popular in small recycling centers, stores, internal waste management and other facilities which have waste reduction requirements.

Vertical compression baler is normally using a single ram or two ram to compress material from top to bottom. Heavy duty vertical balers are normally with two or even three hydraulic cylinders. For different wire tying and bagging purpose, vertical compression balers can have a front door or even four door opening design. For more efficient working, vertical compression baler can have two chambers to achieve baling and material feeding working in the same time. Also vertical baler can work with material feeding system like conveyor for automatic running.

You can find vertical balers in all kinds of waste materials. For example, old corrugated cardboard, PET bottles, aluminum cans, textiles, plant and animal fiber, wood shavings, metal drums, waste tires, and urban waste etc.

Vertical compression balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of vertical compression balers in our product range. We have lifting chamber baler for textile baling, mill size baler for cardboard baling, heavy duty dual ram baler for fiber and aluminum scrap baling, mini baler for marine waste baling, drum crusher for metal drum flattening, long stroke baler for hollow plastic bottles baling, vertical baling and bagging baler for wood shavings baling, and tire baler especially designed for waste tire baling. So just send your baling enquiry and we will find you the best solution.

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