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Airbag Scrap Baler Machine

Airbags are necessary installation for cars and trucks. But when large amount of vehicles leave the road through crashes, malfunctions or age, huge airbag scrap will be at the proper disposal. Actually these airbags are comprised of some recyclable materials such as nylon, plastic and metal. These materials can be well recycled for new usage. So waste recycling is the ideal solution for these scrap airbags. Airbag scrap baler is the right size reduction machine to compress large amount of scrap airbags into dense bales for easy handling and transportation.

How to recycle airbag scrap?

It is easy to understand there are multiple benefits for both economy and environment from airbag scrap recycling. So we have good reasons to recycle airbags when they are end of life. The deployment of airbags is treated as hazardous waste disposal and it may requires a permit in law. So a pre-approved licensed hazardous waste processor will ensure the un-deployed airbags are handled in compliance with legal procedure and remove hazardous materials. Airbag modules have steering wheels, glove boxes, side curtains and seatbelt pre-tensioners etc. After they become scrap, these components will be disassembled. After charging units are electrically discharged, they can be recycled as scrap metal. Nylon bag and seatbelt strapping are also well recycled and recovered. Plastic and metal can be recycled and sustainably used in the production of new products.

Airbag scrap baler in SINOBALER

For airbag scrap baling, different kind of material will match different kind of balers. Take nylon bag for example, you will see many nylon bag are selling in bales all over the world. It has the good market and is quite common to sell them USD200-300 per ton. All of these nylon airbag scrap are compressed into dense bales which are easy for container loading. SINOBALER has both vertical baler and horizontal baler for airbag scrap baling. From manual type, semi-auto to fully automatic type, you can always find the suitable baler to meet your capacity requirement. Contact us today!


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