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Semi Automatic Baler

What is semi automatic baler?

Semi automatic baler machines are larger recycling baling machines that can be continuously fed with material either manually, by automatic conveyor, or cyclone system.  Therefore, these horizontal baling presses are ideal for larger quantities of recyclables, as it can reach an output ranging from 1 ton to 15 tons per hour.

With a compressing force of anywhere from 5 tons to 120 tons, these hydraulic baling presses can be found across many industries, and are capable of recycling a variety of waste materials, from cardboard / paper ( well known as horizontal cardboard baler ) to fiber or plastic to “loose” materials like sawdust and rice husks. Their large feed capacity also makes it ideal for bulky waste recycling, such as boxboards and many other fibrous products.  If connected with an automatic feeding system such as conveyor or cyclone system, it is needless to say that the semi auto waste compactor can help you more efficiently deal with your waste, both in terms of manpower, and in terms of packing, moving, transporting, and other logistics.

Do you know Sinobaler semi automatic baler?

Majority of our semi automatic baling press machines have two rams.  These two ram hydraulic baling presses, with enclosed chamber, compress from two directions provide greater compression, making it easier to process a wider range of waste material.  So if you are a pet food factory, a farm, or an animal bedding material factory with loose material in small pieces that require baling and bagging, you should consider either our Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging machine, Vertical Bagging machine, or Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging machine.  These three baling equipments can automatically compress, eject and bag the materials for easy storage and transport.  Bale size can range from 7 lbs to 88 lbs each (3 kg to 40 kg) depending on the type of waste material.

But if you are a recycling plant that handles paper/cardboard, cartons, or PET bottles, with a volume of less than 2 tons of waste per hour, the Manual Tie Horizontal baling machine is worth considering as it requires relatively low labor cost.  Except for manual tying, all other processes are automatic, and its close-end design ensures dense bales especially for hollow products.

Contact us today, and one of our friendly representatives will discuss your waste recycling needs with you, and recommend the ideal baling solution for your situation.

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This open-end manual-tie horizontal baler with wire threader has all functions that a fully automatic horizontal baler only except for the auto-tying mechanism. Although tying has to be done manually, wire/belt threading can be automatically pushed into the strapping slots by the threading mechanism installed on this machine, while a normal manual-tie horizontal baler doesn’t have such threading mechanism. Comparing between a fully automatic baler and this semi-automatic baler of same pressure force and same chamber size, productivity of this machine is more or less 20%[..]

Sinobaler SHB1-O series open-end manual-tie horizontal baler is with open-end design at the exit, which allows the bales to come out in a continuous stream. Such design greatly facilitates the production efficiency because you do not need to spend time on opening or closing the exit door for ejecting each bale. In addition, with this machine you do not need to settle the strapping wire/belt in place on the chamber floor every time before making each bale, but only need to settle the strapping wire/belt one time at the very beginning, just like what you do on a fully[..]

Manual Tie Horizontal Baler from Sinobaler, also known as semi-automatic horizontal baling machine is used for pressing various waste materials including both solid material and hollow plastic material. This manual tie horizontal baler is widely used in a variety of facilities, such as paper/cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, printing facilities, textile waste recycling installations, distribution centers, PET bottle recycling plants, fiber processing facilities and packaging factories. This manual tie horizontal baling machine is a good option for[..]

One of the main uses for a horizontal baling and bagging machine is the baling of loose materials. Truthfully, when you have waste like sawdust, wood chips, rags, peanut shells, rice hulls, cotton seeds, and similar, disposing of / recycling these materials is difficult. A horizontal bagging machine makes sense, because it can automatically feed, bale, compact, and bag these materials for easy storage / transport / recycling. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste materials. Sinobaler’s Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine features a stored-program controller[..]

Scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is widely used in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile recycling facilities, rag bale exporters, plant fertilizer factories, farms and any other facility that produces a large amount of loose waste material in small pieces. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste material to generate considerable value. The Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine with a stored-program controller PLC, one button operation and sensor switch on hopper, can produce and pack bales in plastic or woven bags in a matter of[..]

Vertical bagging baler machines are ideal for compressing and packaging small, loose materials that would otherwise be a headache to handle and ship. In short, these vertical balers first press the materials into a compact form, and then bag the bales, ensuring easy handling and transportation. Almost any type of loose material can be baled and bagged, making these machines ideal for pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, plant fertilizer factories, fabric manufacturers, and even some food manufacturers. The types of materials that are compressed and[..]