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Automatic Single Ram Baler vs Automatic Twin Ram Baler

Fully automatic horizontal balers are more and more popular for large amount of waste compressing purpose. Because it is more efficient and cost saving in labor. Automatic single ram baler is the most common automatic baling machine in waste recycling world. But how does automatic twin ram baler work? SINOBALER manufactures both automatic horizontal balers and we are pleasure to share our experience here. Please view our auto single ram baler and auto twin ram baler in its each webpage for more details. From the baler description, applications, specifications and baling machine features, you can have a brief idea about two automatic horizontal balers.

What is the difference between automatic single ram baler and automatic twin ram baler?

We summarize some main differences between SINOBALER automatic single ram baler and SINOBALER automatic twin ram baler for your better understanding about two baling machines.

1. Strapping material
Normally only steel wire tying is available for automatic single ram baler. But for automatic twin ram baler, you can choose either steel wire tying or plastic strapping based on your waste materials purpose and cost effective purpose.

2. Applications
Compared to auto one ram baler, auto two ram baler has much wider applications. For example, auto two ram baler can further bale textile waste, rubber waste, urban waste, electrical wire waste, metal strap and aluminum can etc.

3. Space for machine installation
Take 100 tons automatic baler for example, automatic single ram baler SHBA2-1000S11080 has almost 2000 mm longer than that of automatic two ram baler SHBA2-1000L11080 in machine length. So if your space length is limited, automatic two ram baler is your right choice.

4. Number of tying
For auto one ram baler, you should decide the number of tying in the order confirmation as we need to fix it in your machine manufacturing. For auto two ram baler, you can have flexible number of tying when you use this baling machine. So you have choose different number of tying based on different waste materials and packing density purpose.

5. Compressing baler structure
Automatic two ram baler has much simple baler structure as its threading and twisting structure are separate from main baler structure. So you can benefit low maintenance and less troubles in threading and twisting from this advanced design.

6. Bale density
Since automatic twin ram baler is L type in baler structure, it can have much higher bale density compared to automatic one ram baler which is one line in baler structure.

If you still have questions about automatic single ram horizontal baler and automatic twin ram horizontal baler, please feel free to contact SINOBALER technical team via or professional sales team via for assistance. We are always ready for help!

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