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Black Annealed Steel Baling Wire

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• Improved flexibility over galvanized or standard steel wire
• Softer and easier to work with than other steel wire
• Easy to use with Automatic Horizontal Balers
• Excellent choice for low-rebound materials
• Can be galvanized for added strength and durability


Black annealed steel wire is made from low-carbon steel and undergoes a dual-treatment process of wire drawing and thermal annealing. The annealing process returns some of the flexibility to the wire lost during the drawing process. Black Annealed Steel Baling Wire is used primarily with Automatic Horizontal Balers as it is soft enough to be fed automatically through the baler. Black Annealed Steel Baling Wire may also be used with Manual-Tie Horizontal Balers and Vertical Balers but only for materials such as paper, cardboard or film which don't provide a great deal of resistance. It is not recommended to use Black Annealed Steel Baling Wire for materials like PET bottles or HDPE containers due to the large amount of resistance provided by these materials which could cause the wire to expand or break. Black Annealed Steel Baling Wire can also be galvanized to increase strength and longevity.


Mostly used as baling wire for bales which are of low expansion coefficient material compressed by baling machine.


Material Q195
Wire diameter 3.15mm
Length Approx. 15000m/ton
Elongation 30%
Tensile Strength 305N/mm2
Breaking strength 2376N
Package Approx. 50kg per coil
Coil Dimension ID170/OD340/Height160mm
MOQ 3tons
Lead time for MOQ 5-7 days

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