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Best Practices To Avoid Baling Wire Breaking

Due to the feature of high resistance and durability, steel wire is a most common type of tying material for baling machines in anywhere of the world. However, if not operating properly, steel wire may get broken during baling process or after bales are made, which subsequently increase recycling cost. To save cost, recyclers are looking for methods to reduce the chances of bale wire breaking. What are the best practices to avoid baling wire breaking?

Sinobaler, as a very experienced hydraulic baler manufacturer, has some tips to help avoid baling wire breaking or at least reduce the rate of wire breaking:

1. Choose correct diameter of steel wire for your baler to avoid baling wire breaking. In this regard, it should be related to what material you are baling, because different material can generate different expanding force. For example, wires for baling plastic bottles should be thicker than wires for baling paper/cardboard bales.

2. Buy a baling machine that is built with suitable number of wire for each bale. In this regard, you should take into consideration of bale size, bale weight, and bale density. That is to say, before you buy the baler, you should communicate with the baler supplier so as to procure a machine with right number of strapping slot.

3. When you are moving, stacking, and loading the bales, please be very careful. Do not drag or lift the bales by pulling the wires on the bale.

4. Use correct type of steel wire for the baler. For example, if you are baling very high-rebound material, you should choose hard steel wire instead of soft annealed steel wire.

5. If you are using manual-tie baler, please make sure each wire is firstly tied.

6. Never use seriously corroded steel wire to tie the bales.

Hope our above tips are helpful to you. Feel free to contact Sinobaler at if you need any assistance.

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