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Galvanized Steel Baling Wire

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• Uniform zinc coating lends strength and a bright, clean look
• Adheres strongly to baling materials
• Corrosion-resistant
• Tough, flexible and strong with a tensile strength of 350-550N/mm2
• Usable with a variety of different balers
• Packaged in 50kg coils


Our galvanized steel wire is made of super-durable zinc-plated carbon steel, one of the most popular types of baling wire within the recycling industry. This baling wire, with its uniform zinc coating, boasts a notably high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, and a strong resistance to rust and corrosion. Our galvanized steel wire with hot-dipped zinc coating can be used with vertical, single-ram, dual-ram and manual-tie horizontal balers. If you are unsure of which wire you need for your baler, our experts will happily recommend the proper wire for your baling needs.


Can be used in all types of vertical baler, manual-tie horizontal baler


Size Length MOQ Lead time for MOQ
(SWG)Wire diameter: 3.251mm (10#) Approx. 15335m/Ton 3 Tons 10 -15 Days
(DWG)Wire diameter: 3.404mm (10#) Approx. 13987m/Ton 3 Tons 10 -15 Days
(SWG)Wire diameter: 2.642mm (12#) Approx. 23219m/Ton 3 Tons 10 -15 Days
(DWG)Wire diameter: 2.769mm (12#) Approx. 21138m/Ton 3 Tons 10 -15 Days

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