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Different Baler Feeding Method

Material feeding is the first step to make bales in a baling press machine. Feeding by hand is a very slow and labor cost way. It is usually used for vertical balers and small volume of waste material handling. However, most recyclers need efficient ways of feeding instead of manual feeding. SINOBALER baler feeding systems offer many different baler feed options for loading materials to fit clients’ different situations, like conveyor feeding, cyclone, forklift, screw, grab and bin lifter or dumper.

Steel chain belt pit conveyor mainly designed for horizontal balers, like Automatic tie open-end horizontal balers and Semi-automatic close-end horizontal balers. Baler hoppers are produced with an extended lip to properly connect with conveyor so as to fully transfer the material into the baler without dropping out.

Sometimes PVC-belt conveyor is also used for the auto-tie horizontal balers and manual-tie horizontal balers, on the condition that the clients’ waste volume is not much. Or they just occasionally use the baler.

Horizontal Bagging Balers usually can be fed by PVC-belt conveyor as well. Or screw conveyor for material with a lot of dust during operation.

Cyclone system is adopted for relatively small models of fully automatic horizontal balers (i.e. Sinobaler Model SHBA2-400) and together with piping system. The small pieces of materials are transferred by pipes from the workshop through cyclone to baler. There is a short hopper under the cyclone and designed to fit together.

If the waste baling materials are quite big or dirty, sometimes, clients just use forklift or grab directly load material into baler. In such situation, the baler hopper will be made to be wide. Such wide hopper can be also suitable for bin lifter or dumper feeding.

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