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Cyclone System

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• Multiple ductworks maximize efficiency • Environmentally-friendly • Cost-effective and efficient total solution


The Cyclone System is made up of three main components: Shredding Fan and Blower, Ductworks and Cyclone. The Cyclone System is an ideal solution for paper-related industries such as large printing factories, carton manufacturers or waste paper and cardboard recycling plants. The Cyclone System is an innovative solution which simultaneously maximizes productivity, reduces labor costs, protects the environment and keeps a factory neat and tidy. Shredding Fan and Blower – The Shredding Fan pulls waste material through, shredding it into smaller pieces, where it is then passed through a blower, using a silencer to lower operating noise. The Cardboard Shredder can be used in conjunction to break thicker materials down into smaller pieces to maximize efficiency and longevity. Ductworks – After passing through the blower, shredded waste material travels through the ductworks and is fed into the Cyclone. Multiple Ductworks can conviently be fed into a single Cyclone from different work spaces or waste collection points, providing a major increase in convenience and efficiency which translates into savings of time and money. Cyclone – The Cyclone is most accurately described as a low-cost pollution prevention device. The Cyclone is installed on an Automatic Horizontal Baler as a hopper, requiring no additional floor space. Waste material is fed into the Cyclone through the ductworks and then delivered into the chamber of the baling machine to be compacted and baled.


Can be used in fully automatic horizontal baler


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