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Hotel Waste Recycling

Waste is generated up to 1 kg per guest per night in most hotels. This is a huge amount when multiplied by the number of hotels all over the world and the number of guests. For a long time in the past, the hotel industry has considered themselves to be apart from other types of businesses when it comes to taking care of the environment. Fortunately in recent years, more and more hoteliers are responding to the waste challenge. So hotel waste recycling becomes more and more popular.

Hotel waste and hotel waste recycling

Hotel waste mainly comes from kitchen (food waste), guest room (waste paper, packaging), housekeeping (cleaning materials, packaging), offices (paper, cardboard, toner cartridge), as well as refurbishment and renovation projects undertaken at the hotel. Generally speaking, hotel waste mainly consists of two components, Biodegradable (Wet) waste and Non-biodegradable (Dry) waste. Wet waste includes food, vegetable and non-veg waste whereas dry waste comprises of bottles, papers, plastic wrappers, containers, bags, cardboard etc.

Food waste can be used as animal feed, or sterilized to make fertilizer or can be used as feed for biogas plants. Used soaps and amenities can be sent to companies making niche laundry and car-wash products. Unwanted bed linens, carpets and blankets can be donated to charitable organizations. Other recyclables such as glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard, can be separated from source and sold to specialized commercial recyclers, this also serves as revenue for hoteliers.

During the recycling process, a size-reduction machine is quite necessary to be installed in hotel to help turn the large volume of waste into compact and easy-to-handle size & shape. Sinobaler Machinery provides both balers and shredders for size reduction purpose. For details, you can visit us at and

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