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Press Briquette Machine

What’s the application of press briquette machine? 

In the past, it was a headache when you need to handle small sized materials in loose status, like sawdust, chopped straw, rice husk, peanut shells, coco peat etc. These materials are difficult to compact and move, you simply cannot “tie” a bale of these loose and small materials. Nowadays, there are specialized press briquette machines which are specially designed to compress the above mentioned materials into dense and regularly shaped briquettes or blocks.

What are the benefits of using press briquette machines?

Press briquette machines are usually with very high compression force. With the high compression force, they are capable of compacting the loose and small materials directly into firm briquettes. Briquettes made by press briquette machines require no further package such as plastic wrapping or strapping. So the regularly shaped and consistent hardness of the briquettes make them easy to collect and stack, greatly facilitating storage and transportation time and cost. These press briquette machine are widely applicable in animal feeding or bedding material factories, plant fertilizer factories and farms etc.

Press briquette machines from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized hydraulic baler machine supplier. Besides the press briquette machine for handling sawdust, biomass and similar materials. We have another type of press briquette machine which is for handling waste oil filters. Both press briquette machines feature automatic operation, PLC control system, hydraulic lifting door for efficient and labor cost saving working. The top loading hopper enables matching with feed conveyor, making feeding continuous and thus more automated and efficient. If you are looking for press briquette machine, then please feel free to contact us. One of our sales representative will discuss with you about your baling needs in detail and recommend the optimal briquetting solution for your specific requirements.

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