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Small Balers

Small balers are mostly popular in small scale recycling facilities. It is with small footprint and most of them are vertical balers. Due to its limited space requirement, it is also a popular and necessary baling machine for each ship. Do not let its size deceive you. Small balers are evidence that big things come in small packages. A small baler is just as efficient as its larger counterparts are yet almost twice as economical. Thanks to its size, it is easy to store and yet produces numerous compact uniform bales in a short span of time. The small baler is an investment that reaps fruitful rewards for the hardworking, earnest recycler.  Most of the recyclers find this machine in their budget. Some of the store has these small baling machines.

Applications of Small Balers

Small balers can be available in many applications. If you thought the use of a small baler is limited to the farming segment, think again. Small balers are machines of wonder in other industries too. Towards the second half of the last century, products such as plastic, scrap cloth, garbage have been baled.  From textile waste to cardboard waste, from plastic bottles to oil drums, small balers are all suitable. Baler machine compresses the waste materials and makes it easier to transport. Baling is particularly useful for compressing waste or scrap material and transporting it for recycling.  Baling machines have therefore diversified into heavy duty baler and light baler, vertical and horizontal balers, depending on the material to be baled and output requirement.  Materials with residual liquid and oils can also be baled and transported.  Balers for liquids are a little more specialized— they have a moisture extraction feature.

Bales and their shapes

Small balers offer both cylindrical and square/rectangular baling options

Move round small bales can by hand, but larger round bales need specific equipment and transportation to be moved.  The most common tool used to maneuver around a bale is a bale spear or grapple fork.

Square or rectangular bales are more popular in , by virtue of their shape and ease in stacking

Storage of Bales

Before the arrival of electricity, the bale spear, pulley and track system were used but today, elevators stack the bales in the lofts.  However, the process of retrieval from the loft remains largely unchanged. Having been stocked for months and under the weight of the other bales, it is generally necessary to tear open and fluff up the material.  To ease this task, bale shredders are now being used. Whatever, the requirements, a customer is bound to find a small baler to meet his needs.


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