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Strapping Baler Machine

For compressed rectangle bales, you can tie them with strapping materials such as steel wires, plastic ropes or even bio-degradable hay ropes. Of course, you can also choose to bag them into plastic or non-woven bags without strapping. For some particular materials such as sawdust, block making machine can press them directly into blocks without strapping or bagging further. Different bale packing methods match different type of balers which are strapping baler, bagging baler and briquetting machine.

Strapping Baler Vs Bagging Baler Vs Briquetting machine

It is easy to know strapping baler is that kind of baler which use strapping materials to tie the final dense bales. And bagging baler is that kind of baler which compress materials into block and then eject bales into a bag. Briquetting machine is that kind of baler which make blocks without further actions. All of three type of balers are available in the market but strapping balers are the most popular ones in baling press machines.

Strapping type balers in SINOBALER

Regardless of bagging baler and briquetting baler, all of the rest balers in SINOBAER are in strapping type. From mini baler to large size fully automatic baler, strapping is the final steps for compressed bales. For vertical balers such as mini baler, mill size baler, long stroke baler and heavy duty dual ram baler, you need to tie bales manually. For horizontal balers such as single ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler, you can achieve automatic tying to release your hands or reduce labor cost. Strapping material for the strapping type balers can be any type. Steel wire and plastic rope are the most popular solutions in our supply. Some customers may request bio-degradable strapping material. But currently we do not supply hay rope, hemp rope or other bio-degradable strapping materials.

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