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Tips for Using a Vertical Baler

If you are generating a considerable amount of recyclable waste daily or monthly, it would be a good idea for you to invest on one or more baling machines which can help press your waste material into uniform and compact bales so that you can spend much less on freight to transport these bales to recycling facilities. Using a vertical baler is a good solution for size reduction during transportation.

However, many users of the baling press machine are actually not knowledgeable enough on how to make good bales in a most effective way.

Here we summarized some practical tips for using a vertical baler:

1. Before feeding materials, place a square cardboard sheet on the bottom of the baler chamber, and also place another cardboard sheet on the top of material when you do the final baling cycle. Or you can use other material of sheet according to your actual baling material. This is to help you make neat and nice bales and avoid small articles falling off from the compressed bale.

2. Keep feeding and pressing until the bale height reaches the set value, the machine will automatically stop pressing and with the pressing platen holding down on the bale. This enables you to bale in a most efficient way.

3. Leave your material in the chamber as long as possible when the press platen is holding down. This can help your make dense bales and keep its pressed shape as much as possible and thus enable you load more material.

4. Last but not least, please read the User’s Manual of the baling machine carefully before operation. It will help you learn the correct way of operation.

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