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Waste Recycling in Schools

Schools are just like small cities and towns generating large amount of various types of waste every day, from paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic, glass to organic waste and E-waste. Implementing waste recycling/ management programs in school have many benefits. First of all it helps protecting our environment. Secondly, schools need to pay for waste disposal just like other business operations, through waste recycling, not only the waste disposal cost can be reduced but also there is extra revenue from selling the recyclables. Last but not least, by implementing waste recycling programs in schools, all students, staff and faculty can raise their environmental consciousness.

Here are some tips of how to tackle with the various waste recycling in schools:

Recycling bins for different types of waste stream can be placed in places where recyclable materials are mostly generated:

Cantine: put bins for aluminum cans, plastic bottles etc.
Dormitory: put bins for paper, plastic, cans, glass etc.
Library: put bins for magazines, newspaper, paper, and books.
Classrooms: put bins for paper, bottles and cans.

By placing different bins for different waste, the recyclable materials can be sorted from source and can be sold at higher price than mixed waste, generating higher income from waste for schools.

Organic wastes in schools include pre and post consumer food waste as well as leaves and other yard wastes. Part of food waste can be sent to farms or zoos for animal feed. The rest can be also composted to make fertilizer or can be used as feed for biogas plants.

As for electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, monitors, printers, copiers etc. which are replaced routinely, those functional ones can be donated to local charities, and those which are not functional can be sold to specialized recyclers for reclaiming residual value.

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