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We founded Sinobaler with the vision of helping companies transform waste into value. We were motivated by innovation we saw happening in communities across the globe,  turning refuse that previously would have been discarded into valuable commodities.However, the cost of transporting waste – from where it was generated to where it can be processed and repurposed – remains a central obstacle to achieving efficiency and economy.

Sinobaler aims to reduce these costs by delivering the world’s highest-performance and most efficient baling machinery for a global network of partners and distributors. Our company is guided by four key drivers that set us apart from the competition:

  ·Best-in-class technology:

PAM41612011 Heavy duty horizontal bagging baler SHB1-WS-800S4030

MOLINO VERAGUAS, S.A. – Panamà25/07/2022

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1-WS-800 )

Thanks for the info, my baler is working fine very good equipment. I need a smaller baler bag machine 40lbs husk bags, need to have a quote on both to decide which work best for thar operarion.
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Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1- WS-600)

BOIS GROUP Sp. z o.o. – Poland21/05/2022

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1-WS-600 )

I want to order one more press, Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler.
same as the two previous machines ones I bought from you.
I am absolutely satisfied with their work.
I’m interested in the production time and price.

Alfalfa heavy duty baling and bagging baler_Sinobaler

Alfa Al Salmi For LiveStock and Animal Feed Est – Kuwait08/04/2020

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1-WS-400 )

Good day, dear Aileen

For a long time I did not talk to you. I hope you and your family are in good health
Regarding the device: SHB1-WS-400 which we bought in 2017
It is a good device and works well

Mini Baler(SVB2-S-150S6040)

STROJNA MARIBOR d.o.o. – Slovenia13/12/2019

Mini Baler ( SVB2-S-150S6040 )

Here we are contacting you again.
We like to inform you, that we installed and installed your product.
We also tried to press some garbage. I was personally at the proceedure and we all were surprised bout the progress, which we made here.

tire baler from SINOBALER

JW Motors Ltd – New Zealand25/12/2018

Tyre Baler (SVB2-TB-1000)

Hi Aileen,

Thank you for your kind wishes and greetings

The tyre  baler is going great and everybody who looks it it is impressed by it

Also to you your family,friends and company a prosperous and successful New Year of 2019

lifting chamber baler from SINOBALER

Marlot Import Export – USA21/12/2018

Lifting chamber baler (SVBT2-L1-300S7040)

Hello Aileen

Happy Holidays!!

How are you? Willy just returned from DR Congo. All went well the baler is great. We are looking for the cordless electric strapping tool.

Drum crusher AUC14 from SINOBALER

Clean Drum Co (WA) PTY LTD – Australia29/11/2018

Drum Crusher (SVB2-MD-400)

Hi Vivian

We are very happy with the machine, thank you.


Roger Mostert

scale weighing baler from SINOBALER

Trueman Distribution Ltd – Canada08/03/2018

Scale Weighing Bagging Baler(SHB1-SW-50S3010)

Vivian, Mark,

The Sinobaler is running nicely now, as my operators have a pretty smooth protocol that we developing and our production is increasing daily.

Thanks again for being so prompt with my previous inquires. I has been my pleasure to work with you.

Heavy duty dual ram baler from SINOBALER


Heavy Duty Dual Ram Baler (SVB2-T-1200S15276)

Dear Vivian

Hope you are doing well.
Thanks for your email.
Please find below comments:

Meshrakh Recycling LLC – UAE30/10/2016

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1-WS-400 )

This is sangeeth from Dubai!
hope you’re fine fettle!
Till date your bale pack is doing well! Now we would like to purchase one more, but with bigger capacity! Do you have one?


Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler SHB1-WS-800

Jacob Zirinski – Israel21/09/2016

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler ( SHB1-WS-800 )

Please refer to below our comments to your questionnaire.

1. Was our baler easy to install? yes. very much
2. Information in the Operation Manual is useful and informative? yes.
3. Performance of the baler met your expectation? yes
4. Product knowledge and customer services provided by our sales representative met your expectation?

SINOBALER Mini Baler(SVB2-S-300C7676 )

We received the DRUM CRUSHER today and we used it.
It works Great and your quality is also great.
If you want us to sell it in the local market, let me know.
What we will need some good photos and the technical information. For the Video we can make our own with our machine.

SINOBALER 40ton automatic baler

Arnott Inc – USA16/12/2015

Automatic Horizontal Baler (SHBA2-400)

Please see below our reply to your questionnaire
1. Performance of the baler met your expectation?
Yes, it has exceeded our expectations. Great machine.
2. Product knowledge and customer services provided by our sales representative & engineer met your expectation?

Harisha Tuff Lanka Pvt Ltd – Sri Lanka18/09/2015

Heavy Duty Dual-Ram Baler (SVB2-T-1500)

Thanks for inquiring the feed back and we have baled around 150 bales and had no issue up to now. After loading we can get an idea of the load ability. If we want can we increase the pressure little more. If so up to what level we can increase in PSI.

Thanks for the support and we will be keep in touch.

E’Co Australia Pty Ltd – Australia15/04/2015

Tyre Baler (SVB2-TB-1000)

We did actually Purchase a Sinobaler Tyre Baler from an agent in Australia. Remarkebly he had an unsued one here I can send you the serial number if you need. . We have been using that machine without incident for over two years and impressed with your equipment. Normally we use German Machines but since moving to Australia we have tried to give chinese firms the opportunity to see if they offer value for money and so far so good

Mark Keay

EcoBlue Limited – Thailand12/01/2015

Mill Size Baler (SVBS2-500)

The performance of the baler is satisfactory so far though we have not used it a lot. We will be happy to recommend it to others.

With regards,

Pranay Jain

Tionale Pte.Ltd – Singapore12/01/2015

Mill Size Baler (SVBS2-300)

Questionnaire Your Feedback
1. Was your baler easy to install? YES
2. Information in the Operation Manual is useful and informative? YES
3. Performance of the baler met your expectation? YES, except the noise level
4. Product knowledge and customer services provided by our sales representative met your expectation? YES

Gall Agricultural Company – Australia31/12/2014

Vertical Bagging Baler (SVB2-WS-300)

The Haylage vertical Bagging Baler I bought from you has been excellent.We have been very happy with it.
We are after another bagging baler for packaging chaff which is chopped hay packed into poly woven bags.Each bag has to be packed to a consistent weight of 25kg as it is sold on weight.

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler SHB1-WS-400S

Stevia One Peru SAC – Peru26/09/2014

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler (SHB1-WS-400S ) x 3 Sets

Thank you. Will make a list of spare parts. The bearings to repair the pump have found locally! Very good to use commercial bearings.The valves etc, work without problems for long years and are make of High Quality. Very well done!It was a good decision to work with Sinobaler balers!Please send our congratulations to Sinobaler staff.
Rainer Schulte

Sinobaler Vertical Baler Customer Satisfaction


Lifting Chamber Baler (SVBT2-L1-800)

Our 80 tons Lifting Chamber Baler works very well. As you can see from my picture, the bales are all packed and cross strapped very nicely.

We are very happy with this machine, hence we now plan to purchase another one to replace our older press.

Muhammad Saad Nisar


Sinobaler Vertical Clothes Baler

Cortadoria S.A. – Portugal21/06/2013

Lifting Chamber Baler (SVBT2-L1-600)

A prensa (Ref. SVBT2-L1-600) é robusta, prática e apresenta bons resultados, para o que foi concebida. Estamos claramente satisfeitos com o equipamento, pois tem excelente relação qualidade preço.
Sinobaler proporciona aos seus clientes uma eficiente e rápida assistência

Sinobaler Fully Automatic Horizontal Waste Compactor

Gallops Trading (Pvt) Ltd – Sri Lanka15/05/2013

Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler (SHBA2-1000)

The strength is not only their strong frontline marketing capabilities also the excellent follow up throughout the process to deliver right on time. We are more than pleased with the high level customer services provided by them; especially the commitment and accountability demonstrated on their after
Mr. David Christopher

Sinobaler Cardboard Automatic Baling Machine

Munich Intl Paper Trading LLC – UAE08/03/2013

Top Force Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler x 2 sets

We purchased one auto tie from Sinobaler in 2009 and one in 2012. Both machines meet our production output requirements. Staff at Sinobaler have been very helpful all along and their after sales support is exemplary despite the long distance that separates our two countries.

Sinobaler Alfalfa Automatic Baling Press

SC SAP Hayrom Industry SRL – Romania08/02/2013

Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler (SHBA2-1200)

Thank you for Ivy Lee’s visit. We like her very much. She did a very good job for your company, and also she is a friendly and open-minded person. Congratulation for such colleague!

I like SINOBALER machine very much. Now I’m sure we will work together for all machines which we will build in the future.

Sinobaler Palm Fiber Automatic Baling Press

Muaziq Engineering Sdn Bhd – Malaysia04/02/2013

Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler x 5 sets

We are a Malaysia Company dealing solely in oil palm fiber processing. We collaborate with our Government of Malaysia dealing in oil palm waste which is called Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB). We have to defiberize the EFB, dry it and lastly bale it before stuffing into containers to export out to China.

Sinobaler Long Stroke Vertical Baling Machine

Vijay Anand – India06/11/2012

Long Stroke Baler SVBB2-400 x 2 sets

We have installed the machines and the operations had started. The sensors and the buildup of the machines are really good and worth its value.
We are very much satisfied with the quality of the machines, thanks for that.

Sinobaler Plastic Waste Vertical Baling Machine

PLASKPAK – Mauritius26/10/2012

Standard Mill Size Baler (SVBS2-300)

Yes, we are currently using Sinobaler’s baler to bale our factory’s plastic waste for storage and disposal. As expected, we are very happy with this machine.
With this baler, we are making bales of approximately 200kgs and compressing to a ratio of 3:1. It is handy and easy to operate.

Germany Customer Recommended Textie Vertical Baler

Batex Textilgroßhandel – Germany03/09/2012

Lifting Chamber Baler (SVBT2-L1-300) x 3 sets

We’d be happy to send our company informations to your customers so they can ask us about the press-machine.

We are very happy with the pressing machine and did not meet any difficulties

Sinobaler Marine Baling Machines or Mini Baler

MARSAL Waste Management Ltd – Cyprus10/05/2010

Marine Baler

We have been working with Sinobaler since early November 2008 and our main contact is Aileen Liu.
Sinobaler are an extremely reliable company, they have responded to all our requests very professionally and timely.We have had some issues with clients having specific restrictions on availability of space, we have passed dimensions to Sinobaler and they have designed customised machines to fit accordingly.To date we have received nothing but complimentary comments from our customers, we have not had to supply any spares yet which indicates that the build quality and materials are of the highest standard. We sent our representative to the factory and offices in China last month, he carried out detailed inspections of their procedures, quality control etc., to his full satisfaction (although he put on a bit of weight due to his excellent hosts feeding him very well).

Sinobaler Lifting Chamber Clothing Baler

Loza Service – Ireland22/01/2010

Lifting Chamber Baler (SVBT2-L1-300)

Hello connie
How are you hope all is fine nice to hear from you. The baler is working perfectly and we’re very happy with the result. Thank you so much talk to you soon.
Louise and Zack