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Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )

  • Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )
  • Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )
  • Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )
  • Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )
  • Optimized Heavy Duty Baler for High Rebound Material (eg. Tyre Balers )
Compact used car tyres/tires, truck tyres/tires.


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This optimized tire baler ( tyre baler ) from is a heavy duty vertical baling machine. It is used for compacting material with high rebound force into dense bales, eg. recycled tires / tyres. This optimized tire baling machine is similar to our standard heavy duty tire baler. But it has an upgraded hydraulic system and cooling capacity.

In term of efficiency, this optimized tyre baling press machine model only takes 7 strokes to produce one bale containing approximately 120 – 140 car tires, significantly improved productivity. It has an industry leading cycle time of as short as 35 seconds only.

Tyre Recycling Technology is popular nowadays. Many companies collect tyres from different sources and then process into range of rubber granules, chips, crumbs, or fine powders, which are then available for a variety of innovative applications, such as athletic tracks, children’s playgrounds, brake pads, new tyres etc. SinoBaler tyre baler machine can bale hundreds of tyres into a tight bale which greatly reduce the volume. It helps tyre recycler to save a lot in space for easy transportation and storage. Also this tyre baling press machine fully meets safety requirements and is very easy to operate.

And because tire baler is a vertical baler, it saves space, making it ideal for any tire manufacturer, tyre recycler, or similar.

Baling Press Application For Tyre Baler:

Car tires or passenger car tyres, truck tires, jeep tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires etc.

Tire / Tyre bales are widely used to create a variety of materials for construction projects, sound dampening products, oil refining, and other civil engineering applications. So turn your recycled tires into profits now and choose from our optimized tire baler ( tyre baler ) machine models below.

Or contact us for a customized tire / tyre baling solution today. View tyre shredders.

Model Bale size Bale weight (for tyre) Throughput Strapping
Length Width Height
SVB2-TB-1500 Optimized

1800 mm

(71 inch)

1100 mm

(43 inch)

700-1400 mm

(28-55 inch)

1200-1700 kg (2640-3740 lbs)

2-3 bales/hr

Steel Wire

SVB2-TB-1000 Optimized

1550 mm

(61 inch)

760 mm

(30 inch)

600-1150 mm

(24-51 inch)

800-1200 kg (1760-2640 lbs)

2-3 bales/hr

Main Features

arrow feature Sustained air-cooling for a High-Fidelity Hydraulics
with oil viscosity maintained at optimal levels, this energy efficient air-cooling system protects the hydraulic system from premature fatiguing. Less wear on the seals and rings means tighter bales.
arrow feature Industry Leading Cycle Times 35 seconds
for Superior Productivity
arrow feature CE Certification Compliant for all Electric Wiring and Components
Locked-out electrical panel with fully separate low and high voltage circuitry u2013 itu2019s as safe as possible.
arrow feature Chain Bale Ejector
for easy and efficient bale ejecting with the lifting up of the chain View Image
arrow feature Retractable Retainer Claws
prevents the compacted tyres from springing back View Image
arrow feature Front & Back Chamber Doors
for convenient strapping and bale ejecting View Image
arrow feature Hydraulic-driven Chamber Doors
ensures operational safety and easy opening & closing View Image
arrow feature Dual Inlet and Outlet Oil Filtration
for double protection and trouble free oil flow, prolonging the life span of the machine.
arrow feature Two Split Platens with Movable Link
protects the platens from being distorted under the situation of uneven material loading View Image