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Airline Waste Management

With all the countries in the world becoming a global village, international tourism and trading are getting more and more popular. As a result, air transportation has become one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Like any other industrial sector, the airline industry is also confronted with many environmental problems. According to NRDC’s (The Natural Resources Defense Council) study, each year the airline industry in the United States alone discards aluminum cans enough to build 58 Boeing 747 airplanes as well as enough newspapers and magazines to fill a football field. Airline Waste Management becomes a necessary topic nowadays.

Waste Reduction Solutions for Airline Waste Management

Based on the airline waste composition analysis, the largest contributor of inflight waste comes from food and beverage services. Besides food waste, within the recyclable waste category, paper (mainly newspaper and magazines, as well as cardboard boxes and packaging) takes up the highest proportion of in-flight waste stream, which is up to 71%. The next major component is plastic items, such as water and soft-drink bottles, plastic drinks cups, which accounts for up to 17%. The rests are glass and film (each takes up 4%), as well as cans/foil and card (each takes up 2%).

The above recyclable items account for up to 58% of the total in-flight waste generated. Recycling of airline wastes not only contributes greatly to the environment, but also save operational costs for the airline industry and even brings revenue by selling these recyclables.

During the recycling process, size-reduction machineries are quite necessary to help turn the large volume of waste into compact and easy-to-handle size and shape. Sinobaler Machinery provides both balers and shredders for size reduction purpose. You can either use our Sinobaler brand baling machines to compact the bulky paper, plastic and aluminum waste into dense bales for easy storage and transportation, or use our various models of PROSINO shredding machines to directly shred the waste into small pieces for the convenience of further recycling processes. Before baling or shredding, make sure you sort out the waste into different categories according to different compositions.

For more airline waste management related waste reduction solutions, you can visit our websites for balers and for shredders and granulators.

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