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Buy Vertical Baler Machine

Who need to buy vertical baler?

Vertical baler normally is down stroke baler because its compressing force is from up to down. It features smaller footprint, more affordable purchasing cost than horizontal baler. Since vertical baler has very wide of applications, they can service many different sectors and facilities all over the world. Below are two typical cases which are better to buy vertical baler:

1. People just start a waste recycling and the baling capacity is not big.

2. Internal waste management from vessels, store, supermarket or small size manufacturing facility.

How to buy vertical baler?

To find your best suitable vertical baler, you should know well about your financial budget, baling materials, baling capacity, bale size as well as bale weight. Then you can send your inquiry to baler manufacturers for quotations.

Where to buy vertical baler?

Since vertical baler is the basic bale type, almost all the baler manufacturers have the manufacturing experience. So what kind of baler manufacturer you should choose?

First, you should choose the baler manufacturer with quality products. That means it is better to choose the manufacturer who has your material baling experience. Not all the material’s baling solution in vertical baler is easy. Some materials such as tire and cotton need special experience to achieve the quality baler. Anyhow safety and less maintenance are very important.

Second, you should choose a baler manufacturer with reputable service especially it is an international transaction. Because baler manufacturer who knows export and import process, will bring you a happy experience. Also they can help to save some import taxes if they can afford certificate required. The most important thing is they can give you real-time guidance and communication when you need a technical support.

Third, it will be the best if baler manufacturer can afford a good list of satisfied customers to prove their product quality and service. Or you can come to see the machine running in person.

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