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Vertical Baler with Conveyor Feeding

When using conveyor to feed balers, most people will think of horizontal balers. It is true that vertical balers are usually with front loading door and need to be fed manually, but a vertical baler can also be built to work together with conveyor feeding system by making some modifications. As an experienced baler manufacturer, SINOBALER points out some modifications as below for a typical vertical baler with conveyor feeding:

Build feed opening & hopper at the back of the baler
The rear feed opening and hopper is for connecting with conveyor. With this design, baler’s original front feeding door is kept. In case of any malfunction of conveyor, the baler itself can still be manually fed and fulfill its baling function.

Add Bale Ejecting Cylinder
Due to the rear feed opening and hopper design, the original steel chain bale ejector of a traditional vertical baler is longer workable. Instead, a bale ejecting cylinder is added at the lower part of the back of machine. Operator simply needs to press one button on control panel. And then the ejecting cylinder will push out the finished bale.

Add PLC & Sensors
This is for achieving baler and conveyor synchronization and automation. Conveyor starts and stops feeding automatically under the control of PLC and sensors. Baler’s cylinder moves down/up automatically without requiring manual operation. When the bale height reaches pre-set value, the baler will send out alarming light and sound reminding operator to strap up the bale.

Add Chamber Door Locking Cylinder
This is an optional device. Traditional vertical balers are with hand wheel chamber door locking device, which requires operator to manually rotate the wheel for multiple times in order to open/close the chamber door. With this hydraulic driven locking cylinder, the chamber door can be opened/closed just with a simple press on button.

Benefits for vertical baler with conveyor feeding

Compared with conveyor-feed horizontal baler, the vertical baler with conveyor feeding is not only more cost effective, but also takes up much less operating area. Compared with the traditional manual-feed vertical baler, such automated vertical balers are more efficient and help you reduce labor cost. However, such system isn’t applicable for all types of waste materials, but more suitable if you are baling small sized recyclable waste such as PET bottles, aluminum cans, toilet paper rolls, small sized carton boxes etc. It is not very suitable for big-sized cardboard pieces, long plastic films etc, as the big material will easily get stuck at the feed opening. Contact with SINOBALER today to find out more information and get a price for such vertical baler with conveyor feeding system.

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