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Points to Think About Before Purchasing a Vertical Baler

A baler is quite a necessary investment for recyclers. Because loose recyclable material usually takes up big storage or transporting space and are lightweight, you need a machine to compress these waste material into dense and uniform bales so as to reduce the volume and therefore save your cost as well as maximizing your profit.  Vertical baler (also called down stroke baler) is a very typical type of baler used by recycling facilities. When you are planning to purchase such a baler, there are some points to think about before purchasing a vertical baler.

1. What waste material do you bale? One type of material or several different types? The type of baling material or material’s characteristics can help you choose the right vertical baler. Although most vertical balers are versatile, the baler’s design and configuration in some aspects probably will be different because of the material’s feature. For example, OCC and PET bottle, basically all the vertical balers can handle both materials, but if your material is PET bottle or other hollow containers, you’d better choose a baler with specially long ram, just like Sinobaler Long Stroke Baler (SVBB2 series) thus to ensure full compaction of each bottle in the compression chamber.

2. Check if you have specific bale size or bale weight requirement in mind? For this, you can also check with your buyer of the waste materials what they prefer. And then you can choose a baler which can meet this requirement. In most cases, the bale size can be customized according to your requirement if the manufacturer’s standard bale size is not acceptable.

3. How big is your space (the footprint and ceiling height) allowing for the baler? If the space is too limited, you need to choose a small size vertical baler such as Sinobaler Mini Baler (SVB2-S series). You can ask for the machine’s overall dimensions from supplier to check which baler could perfectly fit your space.

4. Do you have any bale density requirement? It may affect the choice of how big ram pressure for the baler. High bale density can maximize the loading space. Based on the same bale size, generally, the bigger ram pressure is, the higher bale density will be. But in the case that the bale density already reaches the highest according to the material’s characteristics, even if increasing the ram pressure, the bale density will not go up.

5. Besides the above points, you can also plan the area for storing the produced bales. With the help of the baler, the storage area needed for the bales would be much less than unbaled materials.


If you are planning to purchase a vertical baler and not sure which one suits you, please contact SINOBALER today at, and one of our sales representatives will help you choose a most suitable one for you.

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