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Buy a Customized Baler or Standard Baler

When you have a baling requirement, will you choose to buy a customized baler or standard baler? A customized baler is a baling machine that baler manufacturer tailors baler incl specification and components based on customer’s unique needs. A standard baler is a baling machine that is within baler manufacturer’s current product range and regular models.

Sinobaler offers a wide variety of hydraulic balers including all types of Vertical Balers, Semi-automatic (Manual-tie) Horizontal Balers and Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers. And each series baler has many different models with different sizes and capacities to fit clients’ different kinds of applications, throughput, bale weight requirement, budget, etc.

In most cases, you can always find a baler within baler manufacturer’s standard range of models to fit your baling demand. However, sometimes due to some of your particular requirement, it is very necessary to buy a customized baler.  Sinobaler is very good at designing and manufacturing customized balers according to your baling requirement.

Here are some aspects of customization for your customized baler:

1. Bale size of our standard balers basically aims to maximize container loading. However sometime clients have specific requirement on the bale size to required their required bale weight or to fit the vehicle size.
2. As per the requirement of client, we can customize the design and size for hoppers mainly for horizontal balers.
3. We can customize the machine by adding a weighing scale so as to make precise weight of each bale. .
4. We can customize the feed opening of a vertical baler to connect with a conveyor for automatic feeding.

Sinobaler can do almost all kind of customization requirement as long as the requirement is reasonable. Contact Sinobaler today and discuss with us about your detailed baling requirement. One of our sales representatives will provide you a most suitable baling solution either standard baler or a customized baler to fit your demand.

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