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What to Look at If an Old Baler Needs to be Replaced

If you are using an old baler press, and considering replacing with a new one, but not sure whether it is really a need to buy a new one as it is a big investment.

What to look at if an old baler needs to be replaced? Here are some tips for you which may help you make right decision.

1. The baler’s pressing platen tilts or loose which cannot be repaired.

2. The baling machine’s main frame is seriously deformed and the doors are hard to open which cannot be repaired.

3. The baling machine has safety problem such as the doors will bounce off and unable to be locked tightly. The circuit has problem.

4. The hydraulic system has big problem causes large impact force which cannot be fixed.

5. When your baler frequently breaks down and need a lot more time to do maintenance and repair than before. The cost of down time and maintenance or repair could be more expensive than investing a new baler.

6. The old baler’s capacity no longer meets your demand. You purchased the old baler perhaps many years ago and it was based on your baling capacity requirement at that time, but currently maybe you have enlarged your business or have more waste material to handle.

7. The old baler’s application cannot meet your current demand. For example, previously you are just baling cardboard, but now you have enlarged your recycling scope and want to bale other different materials as well, like plastics, aluminum cans, and your old baler perhaps is not versatile enough for all these materials.

8. You changed the location of the baler, but the new place’s space is not suitable for your old baler’s dimensions.

Hope the above tips are useful to you. If you still have doubts whether need to replacing with a new baler or not, or if you are looking to buy a new baler for the first time, Sinobaler is always here to help for any of your question and provide you best baling solutions fit you. You can contact us or visit our site at

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