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How to Identify Baler Quality

Baler quality is always No.1 concern of buyer when deciding to invest on a baling machine. Baler Machines usually are of high value and it is a long term investment that will serve for many year, so it is very important to make sure investing on right machines. How to identify baler quality?

As a professional and experienced manufacturer of baling machines, SINOBALER would share some useful tips to help you choose a quality baler:

1. Check the strength of the machine frame and the thickness of the steel plates.

Make sure you take into account what material you will be baling because some high rebounding materials will generate great pressure to the four sides of the baler chamber, such as coconut fiber, plastic bottles, tires, etc. If you are baling these high rebounding waste materials, the baler machine frame and steel plates must be extra thick and strong compared to baling other material like cardboard.

2. Check the brands of main electrical and hydraulic parts. Good components can reduce the chance of machine breakdown as well as maintenance cost.

3. Check the operation processes to see if it is user-friendly.

4. Check the safety features of the baler. Operation safety always comes first.

5. Check if there is any abnormal sound during baling process.

High quality balers not only reduce your maintenance cost, increase your work efficiency and reduce your manpower cost, but also can last a decade or more.

If you are looking for a quality baler for certain application, please contact Sinobaler at today to get more professional advices.

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