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Steel Wire Strapping Baler Machine

Strapping baler is the most common and popular in baling press machines. Generally speaking, you can choose either steel wire strapping or plastic strapping in bale ties world. Here we focus on the description of steel wire strapping. In SINOBALER, we have three type of steel wires for strapping. They are black annealed wire, galvanized wire and quick-lock galvanized steel wire. So we introduce our steel wire strapping baler machines based on these three type steel wires.

Sinobaler steel wire strapping baler

1. Black annealed wire strapping baler

Black annealed wire appears black or dark in color and feel slightly oily. Due to its versatility and rate of elongation, almost all the balers can use this type wire to tie the bales. But it is not recommended in wet and humid conditions since it will rust. Most of our customers use such black annealed wire instead of galvanized wire because it is less costly. The popular applications of black annealed wire in SINOBALER is heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler.

2. Galvanized wire strapping baler

Galvanization is the process of coating or bathing a raw steel in a pool of molten zinc. So galvanized wire is more costly than black annealed wire in price. But it is much more durable in wet and humid conditions. Almost all of our balers can use such wire for strapping. Take fully automatic baler for example, we supply big rolls of galvanized wire and small rolls of black annealed wire.

3. Quick-lock galvanized steel wire strapping baler

This steel wire is made of galvanized high carbon steel and has very high tensile strength and resistance. So it is ideal for baling high rebound materials. Our tire baler use quick-lock galvanized steel wire with loops to tie waste tires. The quick lock design is more convenient because it is not easy to bend galvanized steel wire.

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