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Quick-lock Galvanized Steel Wire with Loops

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• Safe to use with no sharp edges
• Easy to use, no need for special tools
• Saves time and energy by making baling quick and efficient
• High tensile strength prevents breakage
• Wires are the same length, making for uniform bale sizes
• Galvanized finish, highly rust and corrosion-resistant


Sinobaler's Quick-Lock Galvanized Steel Wire, also referred to as “Double-Loop Galvanized Steel Wire,” due to its unique design, with a loop on each end, offers a safe and fast method for simplifying baling operations. In order to lock the tie, the two end loops are simply snapped together to form a “figure eight,” without the need for any special tools. Sinobaler's Quick-Lock Steel Wire is made of galvanized high-carbon steel and has a very high tensile strength and resistance to breakage, making it ideal for tire baling.


Mostly used to bind waste tire bales compressed by tire balers or compressed bales of other high-rebound material.


Tensile strength 1281N/mm2 1281N/mm2
Breaking strength 12300N 12300N
Material 60# steel 60# steel
Wire diameter 3.5mm 3.5mm
Wire length(not inclu. loop) 3500mm 4700mm
Length of each loop 140mm 140mm
Pieces per ton approx. 3636pcs/ton approx. 2740pcs/ton
MOQ 3tons 5tons
Lead time for MOQ 7days 10days
Lead time for 15tons 20days 20days
Package 100pcs/bundle, approx. 2cbm/3tons,10cbm/15tons 100pcs/bundle, approx. 4cbm/5ton, 12cbm/15ton
Application SVB2-TB-1000 SVB2-TB-1500 (For bale height approx.1150mm)

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