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Vertical Baler Manufacturers

Vertical baler is an industrial baling machine that use vertical compressing force to compact and bind materials into a compact and cubic bale for easy handing, storage and transportation. After vertical compression, you can use steel wire or plastic strapping material to bind the bale to maintain the compact shape. Normally vertical baler has single chamber baler. But you can find multi-chamber box vertical balers like swivel twin lifting chamber textile baler for more efficient work. Because multi-chamber baler can achieve material feeding and baling at the same time. So the output rate is much higher. From mini vertical baler to heavy duty dual ram baler, you can always find a right vertical baling machine from comparison of different vertical baler manufacturers.


How to choose vertical baler manufacturers?

First, please check if this vertical baler manufacturer has rich manufacturing experience in this type of material. For example, tire is a high rebounding material. And not all the baler manufacturer can do a good job in tire baler production. Because tire baling requires a baling machine that is strong enough to offset the rebound properties of the rubber. Even vertical baler manufacturer who is professional in heavy duty dual ram baler does not have confidence to produce qualified tire baler machine. There are some features which especially designed for tire baler.

Second, please choose a baler manufacturer with bulk production of your selected vertical baler. Normally a customized vertical baler or single vertical production costs more than bulk production.

Third, vertical baler is electrically powered. And its hydraulic system provides enough vertical compressing pressure to compact materials into dense bales. So the quality of electrical parts and hydraulic parts are also very important for the whole machine quality. For easy maintenance, you can choose some parts brands that you can easily find in your local market.


SINOBALER – your professional vertical baler manufacturer

SINOBALER carry a full line of vertical baler machines which covers a wide range of applications. Vertical textile baler, vertical cardboard baler, vertical tire baler, vertical fiber baler and vertical PET bottle baler etc. are all available in our product range. Just contact us for professional advice if you have any difficulty in choosing a vertical baler.


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