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Waste Compactor

  • Waste Compactor
  • Waste Compactor
  • Waste Compactor
Compact pre-landfill trash into much smaller volume. Compaction rate can reach more than 20:1.

Sinobaler waste compactor is a self-contained type of waste compactors for compressing loose pre-landfill trash into much smaller volume, and the compaction rate can reach more than 20:1. With the help of this trash compactor, waste hauling costs to transfer station or to landfill are greatly reduced – less or smaller dumpsters are needed and dumpster pickup frequency is significantly reduced. In addition, compacted waste consumes a minimal volume of storage space or landfill airspace.

This garbage compactor is specially designed for handling both dry and wet waste, and is widely applied in both residential and industrial waste management.  There is residual draining tray built on the machine for effectively draining out residual liquid and keeping environment clean. Utilizing a waste compactor is beneficial, both for people disposing of waste and the companies collecting it.

The hydraulic compacting system and the container are permanently attached to each other. Operation of this equipment is rather straightforward – when the container is fully filled with the garbage, just press an electrical button to activate the hydraulic ram to compress. To increase the efficiency of material feeding, we provide the option of equipping a bin tipper to lift up trash bins and dump the trash into the compacting container. When a full container of trash is compressed, the compactor is supposed to be loaded onto a waste hauling vehicle for transporting to transfer station or landfill.

We have various choices of container volume for your options to suit different scales of waste management and also to suit different sizes of waste hauling vehicle. We also provide custom-made solution based on customer’s specific requirement on container volume, vehicle size, etc.

Applications For Waste Compactors:

wet municipal garbage, dry municipal garbage

Looking for a waste compactor to reduce garbage volume maximumly? Contact our sales team today at to obtain an optimal solution. View more size reduction solutions.

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Model Feed Opening Cycle Time Capacity Power
Length Width Height

1500 mm

(59 inch)


( inch)

1300 mm

(51 inch)

kg ( lbs)

10 m³

4kw (5.5HP)

Main Features

arrow feature Liquid Draining Tray
makes it convenient and efficient to drain out the residual liquid and keep the environment clean
arrow feature Well-sealed Exit Door
prevents the residual water from leaking out of the clearances
arrow feature Availability to be Attached to Waste Hauling Vehicles
makes the compactor mobile
arrow feature Option of Adding a Bin Tipper
for efficiently dumping an entire bin of trash into the compacting container