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Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler

  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
  • Top Force Auto Tie Horizontal Baler
PLC control, full automatic operation for baling large volume of various recyclable wastes such as paper, cardboard, fiber and bagasse


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This horizontal auto tie baler is a heavy duty automatic baling press machine with up to 120 tons pressure force and with large chamber section of 1100*1100 mm. Equipped with double main motors and pumps, this dual-system powerful baler features with super high running speed (cycle time is only 13 seconds). It is a good option for large sized  recycling facilities with a demand of 12-15 tons/hour’s throughput. The high density and proper size of bales maximizes the loading of containers and trucks. This horizontal baling machine is able to handle a wide range of material such as OCC, paper, film plastic, palm fiber, coir (coconut fiber), textile waste, so on and so forth.

Equipped with PLC system and a series of sensors, this machine realizes fully automatic operation from automatic start-up of the machine when the fed material reaches certain position, automatic wire tying and cutting, to automatic bale ejecting once the bale length reaches the set value. Touch screen interface allows an easy operation as well as convenient monitor during the automatic operation. This baling equipment is also designed to self-diagnose, and protect both itself and users. For example, if an error occurs during operation, the baling machine will firstly sound an alarm and then provide error details and a list of solutions on its touch screen. Cooling system, is incorporated in this machine to prevent the hydraulic oil from going up too much so as to protect the machine, and you can choose either air cooling or water cooling based on your facility situation and ambient temperature.

Baling Press Application For Auto Tie Baler:

Cardboard/OCC, paper, ONP, carton boxes, nature fiber, film plastic, textile waste and soft plastic package

Fore more details of this baler, please contact us or call at +86 574 87305555. View more size reduction machines.

Main Features

arrow feature Cooling System
for cooling down the temperature of the hydraulic oil, which protects the machine in high ambient temperature. Either air-cooling or water-cooling is available.
arrow feature Fully Automatic Operation System
enables automatic compressing, strapping, wire cutting, and bale ejecting. This is a very efficient machine in terms of labor.
arrow feature Adopt Manganese steel for the linear plates of trolley guides
To increase the resistance for this wear part
arrow feature Adjustable bale length from 200mm to 2000mm
To protect the machine from getting damaged in high oil temperature and therefore prolong the lifespan.
arrow feature PLC Control System
automates the operation and promotes accuracy
arrow feature One Button Operation
enables compressing, bale ejecting and bagging a continuous, efficient process, saving your time and reducing your cost.
arrow feature Electric Controlled
for easy operation, simply by operating on buttons and switches to fulfill platen moving and bale ejecting
arrow feature Double-system (two main motors and pumps) Hydraulic Pack
realizes super high running speed at only 13 seconds’ cycle time, greatly increasing efficiency and facilitating throughput.
arrow feature Touch Screen
for conveniently setting and reading parameters
arrow feature Jam-solving Cylinders are Optional
for pushing down the stuck material to enable the horizontal cutters to go through
arrow feature Heating Device is Optional
for heating up the hydraulic oil to prevent it from getting frozen in low ambient temperature
arrow feature Automatic Feeding Conveyor is Optional
for continuous feeding material, and with the help of of sensors and PLC, conveyor will automatically start or stop when the material below or above certain position on hopper. This enhances feeding speed and maximize throughput.
arrow feature Horizontal Cutter on Feeding Mouth is Optional
for cutting off the excessive material to prevent it from being stuck at the feeding mouth. It is only necessary for long material like rags, long fibers etc.