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PE Bag

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• Recyclable and environmentally-friendly • Size, thickness and clarity are fully customizable to your needs • Ideal for securely bagging organic waste • Waterproof and weather-resistant


Sinobaler's PE Bags are manufactured to the highest specifications from materials sourced from reputable vendors. PE Bags are ideal for wrapping or bagging compacted bales of materials ranging from organic waste such as chopped hay/straw, rice husks, cotton, coco peat or peanut shells to industrial waste such as fiber, wood shavings or paper shreds. Sinobaler's PE Bags are manufactured to offer consistency when it comes to thickness, clarity and durability in order to be resistant to dirt, dust and moisture. PE Bags can be produced at different sizes and thicknesses to suit the needs of the client. If a client is unsure of their needs, Sinobaler will gladly recommend a size and thickness in accordance with their usage. PE Bags are a necessary component of the baling process in conjunction with Sinobaler's Vertical Bagging Baler and Horizontal Bagging Baler and is offered at a cost-effective price. Varying sizes of transparent PE Bags are kept in stock in order to accommodate rush orders.



Material HDPE (Transparent) HDPE (Transparent) HDPE (Transparent) HDPE (Transparent)
Size 750 x 700mm 1100 x 800mm 430 x 340 x 900mm 1060 x 600( open side is 1060mm)
Thickness 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Application for bale size 550 x 400 x 250mm bagging baler for bale size 700 x 400 x 310mm bagging baler for bale size 700 x 400 x 310mm bagging baler for bale size 600 x 400 x (350-700) lifting chamber baler 30T
MOQ 10000pcs 6000pcs 10000pcs 10000pcs
Lead time 5-7 days 7 days 15 days 20 days
Packing Carton Carton (L44 x W30.5 x H19cm) Carton (L48 x W25 x H26.5cm) Carton
Package 0.032cbm/ctn(500pcs/ctn) 20pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn 0.25cbm for 6000pcs 303pcs/ctn, 0.55cbm for 10000pcs 250pcs/carton, about 0.22CBM/carton
Suitable Machine SHB1-WS-150 SHB1-WS-300 SHB1-WS-300 SVBT2-L1-300
SHB1-WS-400 SHB1-WS-400
SHB1-WS-600 SHB1-WS-600
SHB1-WS-800 SHB1-WS-800

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