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PET Strap

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• High tensile strength, suitable for packaging bales up to 350kg


PET Strap is made from a new environmentally-friendly material that is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials used for packaging bales. PET Strap combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of PP (polypropylene), offering a low-cost, durable and flexible alternative to traditional steel strapping. PET Strap is capable of strapping bales up to 350kg of a variety of materials such as clothing, cardboard, plastic or fiber which have been compacted by Sinobaler Vertical Baling Machines. PET Strap can also be used to package materials in many other fields such as lumber, steel, chemical fiber, paper or cardboard.



Width 16mm (Normal type) 15.5mm (Customize type)
Thickness 0.8mm 0.7mm
Length per coil Approx. 900-1000m Approx. 900-1000m
Weight per coil 20kgs 20kgs
Coil Dimension OD: 570mm; Height:150mm OD: 570mm; Height:150mm
Tensile Strength 350kgs 300kgs
Surface Green Embossed Black Smooth
MOQ 25 rolls 50 rolls
Package 1.22cbm/25 rolls 1.22cbm/25 rolls

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