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Horizontal Baler / Horizontal Baling Press Machine

What are horizontal balers?

Horizontal balers are larger machines that loaded from the top by conveyor belt, forklift, or cyclone system (allowing for larger quantities). They compress from the sides, and are usually fully automatic (or at least partially automatic). These machines are ideal for larger quantities of recyclables. They also can reach an output ranging from 1 ton to 15 tons per hour. Needless to say, a horizontal baler can help you more efficiently deal with your waste, both in terms of manpower, and in terms of packing, moving, transporting, and other logistics. In some cases (such as in briquetting baling machine), you can even create solid fuel, depending on what you are baling.

Because horizontal baler machine can be continuously fed (either manually or by automatic conveyor belt). They almost always reduce your labor costs. Furthermore, horizontal baling machines will also increase your revenue for your recyclables by increasing your payloads, and making waste much easier to transport.

With a compressing force of anywhere from 20 tons to hundreds of tons, horizontal waste compactors can be found across many industries. They are capable of recycling a variety of materials including cardboard / paper, fiber, plastic, “loose” materials like sawdust and peanut shells. Their large feed capacity also makes horizontal baling press machines ideal for bulky waste recycling, such as boxboards and many other fibrous products. The larger / faster machines are the top choice for MRF’s (materials recovery facilities) and waste recycling operations.

Learn about hydraulic horizontal baler structure

Frame part: machine body, conveyor, shrinking structure, wire threading device, wire cutting device, hopper, platen, ram guiding device.

Hydraulic part: motor, pump, hydraulic valve, cooling device (cooler), cylinder, pressure meter, filter,  oil temperature level gauge, oil tank, etc.

Electrical part: air switch, PLC, relays, contactors, operation control buttons, alarm lamp, etc.

There are also a variety of options available for horizontal baling machines, from baggers to automatic conveyors. Sinobaler has a full range of hydraulic machine options. Both in-stock models and customized models designed from the ground up to your own needs, you can always find a suitable one. The bottom line is, if you have a baling need, Sinobaler can fill it.

For more information on horizontal baling press and other recycling equipment / baling systems, please feel free to contact us  today. View shredders and granulators.

L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler is ideal for baling multi types of material covering almost all recyclable waste. Compared to the traditional single ram automatic baler, this twin ram baler has quite a few unique advantages which gain great popularities by waste management facilities. Besides the advantage of the above-mentioned wide applications of waste material, it also has options of different strapping material - either wire tying or plastic strapping is available for you to choose. Attributed to its separate strapping device mounted at the bale exit, the[..]

Sinobaler’s fully automatic horizontal baler, ranging from 20 tons to 120 tons pressure force, has a processing power of up to 15 tons per hour. It is perfect for recyclers handling large daily amount of soft waste such as cardboard/OCC (popular as cardboard baler or OCC baler), paper, plastic film, natural fiber, textile waste, soft plastic package, etc. This fully automatic baling machine is also our flagship line of horizontal open end baling machines. It combines advanced computer controlled operations with reliable hydraulics and seamless heavy duty frame[..]

Our horizontal briquetting machine represent the latest in baling technology, and are the ideal solution to bale specific materials. For example, sawdust, chopped straw, waste material from certain foods (rice husks, peanut shells, etc.) – these materials are difficult to compact and move (you simple cannot “tie” a bale of loose peanut shells.) One solution is to bale and bag them with a horizontal baling and bagging machine. The other solution is to compress them into a hard “briquette” for easy transport. That’s exactly what this baling machine does. The regular shape[..]

Manual Tie Horizontal Baler from Sinobaler, also known as semi-automatic horizontal baling machine is used for pressing various waste materials including both solid material and hollow plastic material. This manual tie horizontal baler is widely used in a variety of facilities, such as paper/cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, printing facilities, textile waste recycling installations, distribution centers, PET bottle recycling plants, fiber processing facilities and packaging factories. This manual tie horizontal baling machine is a good option for[..]

One of the main uses for a horizontal baling and bagging machine is the baling of loose materials. Truthfully, when you have waste like sawdust, wood chips, rags, peanut shells, rice hulls, cotton seeds, and similar, disposing of / recycling these materials is difficult. A horizontal bagging machine makes sense, because it can automatically feed, bale, compact, and bag these materials for easy storage / transport / recycling. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste materials. Sinobaler’s Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine features a stored-program controller[..]

Scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is widely used in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile recycling facilities, rag bale exporters, plant fertilizer factories, farms and any other facility that produces a large amount of loose waste material in small pieces. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste material to generate considerable value. The Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine with a stored-program controller PLC, one button operation and sensor switch on hopper, can produce and pack bales in plastic or woven bags in a matter of[..]

This horizontal auto tie baler is a heavy duty automatic baling press machine with up to 120 tons pressure force and with large chamber section of 1100*1100 mm. Equipped with double main motors and pumps, this dual-system powerful baler features with super high running speed (cycle time is only 13 seconds). It is a good option for large sized  recycling facilities with a demand of 12-15 tons/hour’s throughput. The high density and proper size of bales maximizes the loading of containers and trucks. This horizontal baling machine is able to handle a wide range of material[..]