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Single-looped Galvanized Steel Wire

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• Uniform zinc coating makes it rust-free and a bright & clean look
• Ready-made loop makes knotting easier and efficient
• Ready-cut length saves time
• Soft and easier to work with
• Excellent choice for bales of low rebound material


This galvanized steel wire is specialized in using for baling machines. It is soft type baling wire, very flexible and very resistant to be applied for tying bales of various types of material such as paper, plastic, textile, cans, hay, straw, etc., but except for material with very high rebounding force. This wire is already cut into pieces with one end looped on each piece, which makes tie bales very conveniently and firmly. Compared to wire in rolls, this type of wire much increases bale-tying efficiency and meanwhile saves labor, thus it is very popular with worldwide baling plants especially those in developed countries where labor cost is very high. We have different diameters for your choice and length of the wire can be custom made according to your specific need.


Mostly used as baling wire for bales of low-expansion material compressed by baling machines.


Coating/Finish Galvanized
Design With single loop
Length Customizable (max. 7m)
Material Q195 or Q235
Tensile Strength 400~600Mpa
Size #10GA, #11GA, #12GA, #13GA

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