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Floor Scales

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• Low to the ground for easy and convenient weighing
• Skid-proof platform prevents slippage of materials
• Highly precise balance meter for accurate weighing
• Highly durable stainless steel construction


Sinobaler's Floor Scale is used to weigh both pre-baled material and finished bales, helping to ensure consistency. The Floor Scale is comprised of a digital display and a weighing platform which sits only 100mm off of the floor, allowing for the easy loading and unloading of materials or equipment. The skid-proof platform of Sinobaler's Floor Scale is remarkably durable, made from industrial grade heavy-duty steel to ensure that it can withstand years of daily use in an industrial environment.



•  Max. Load-bearing: 1ton •  Material: steel •  Dimension: 1500 x 1500 x 100mm •  Battery charge voltage: 240V-220V/2ph(Single Ph)/50Hz-60Hz •  MOQ: 1set •  Lead time: 7 days •  Packing: carton •  Package: 1cbm/120kgs.

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