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Auto Tie Horizontal Baler Machine

What is auto tie horizontal baler?

Auto tie horizontal baler is a horizontal baling machine designed for high productivity and ease of use. The key features are fully automatic feeding, compressing, wire threading, wire twisting tying, wire cutting and bale ejecting. It is capable of large scale recycling without need for excessive labor.


Why auto tie horizontal baler is more and more popular in the market?

  1. – Waste recycling is more and more popular in the world. People and government all know it is a necessary and economical way to recycle waste into new products or reduce the waste. Auto tie horizontal baler machine is the most efficient and labor cost saving machine in baling machines. It is very ideal for large scale recycling needs.
  2. – Auto tie horizontal baler has very wide range of baling applications. Cardboard, paper waste, plastic bottles, plastic films, plant and animal fibers, used clothes, cotton, hay and straw, or other packaging materials are all available.
  3. – Automatic tie horizontal baler also has some amazing features. For example, PLC touchscreen is a clear and easy to understand interface. It allows for simple machine operation, parameter setting and even advanced troubleshooting. The operator can control a variety of baler functions such as bale setting, system pressure and bale length. PTK touch-screen interface shows all sensors’ working status in real time, providing convenience for problem diagnosis and maintenance.


Auto tie horizontal baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER’s line of auto tie horizontal balers is with high productivity, ease of use, less maintenance and years of efficient operation. The increased productivity greatly reduced the customer’s operating cost. As every application is unique, our balers are the results of meeting unique customer requirements. We have two type of auto-tie horizontal balers in product range. They are single-ram fully automatic baler and L type two-ram fully automatic baler. Both of them are superior design, dynamic touch screen controls, easy maintenance, increased reliability and longer service life. Simply send us your baling requirements, we will build the most suitable machine for you. Contact SINOBALER team now!


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