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Cardboard Box Baler in Cardboard Box Recycling

Cardboard box, also named carton, is one of the most common packaging materials in our daily life. It is one of the easiest items to be reused or recycled. e.g. for moving your personal belongings from one place to another, for packing new appliances, turning them into many practical and creative home decors. If you do not need these carton boxes for re-use purpose, you can simply send them to the recycling centers. Some recycling machines like cardboard box baler or cardboard box shredder will be available in cardboard box recycling.

Here are some of the countless cardboard box recycling ways that you can use the old empty cardboard boxes to create some interesting and useful items for your home decors.

1. Shelves – If you need extra storage for your small and lightweight items like phone charger, snacks and containers of herbs, you can create a colorful shelf with empty cardboard boxes. Placing the big sized boxes on the bottom and smaller sized on top, then glue them together and paint the boxes with very bright colors.

2. Desk Organizer – This is especially useful for girls and children. Use a wide and shallow cardboard box and divide the inside space by cardboard sheets into several grids. Girls can put this on the dresser to organize skin care products and makeups. Children can use this to store school supplies.

3. Organizer for closet – Divided cardboard boxes can also be used for organizing socks, underwear, gloves, and belts. This can help your armoire look much tidier and saving your precious morning time to find a suitable pair of socks when rushing to go to work.

Cardboard box baler machine in cardboard box recycling

Useless cardboard boxes can be sent to the recyclers. They will collect them and use a cardboard box baler machine to bale them into compact and uniform bales, and then deliver to paper mills or carton plants for further processing into new paper products. To choose a most suitable carton baler for your recycling project, basically you can decide according to the volume of waste cardboard that needs to be handled daily or weekend, and also the sizes of the boxes. A vertical baler is enough for you if your daily handling quantity is small, however if the handling quantity is larger than 2ton/h, an automatic horizontal baler would be more suitable for you. Contact Sinobaler Machinery today at to know more about our baling machines. And you will receive a most optimal solution from our sales representatives based on your actual baling need.

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