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China Drum Crusher For Sale

When you have empty 200L drums waste, it is good idea to crush and then recycle them to save space and natural resources. There are different kind of China drum crusher machines in domestic market. It is also quite important to select a reliable drum crusher manufacturer for purchase.

China drum crusher for sale in the market

Most drum crushers are popular as drum balers or drum baling press machines. Occasionally people also refer to drum shredders. Baling and shredding are different size reduction solutions because baling is to compress drum into a height reduced piece. However, shredding is to crush the drum into many smaller pieces with different final shapes and sizes. So they are totally quite different machine. For most recyclable materials’ recycling, baling is prior to shredding. It only reduces the size of material in order to save cost in transporting, storage and handling. Shredding can be considered as the important recycling step after sorting. Here we only talk about drum balers in details.

China drum crusher normally is in vertical type. Most of these drum crushers are manual vertical pressing baler. They features with easy operation, low investment and high compressing ratio. Some manufacturers improve the machine by adding some automatic functions or convenient designs. Overall, they are not too much difference in working principle.

SINOBALER drum crusher

SINOBALER provides sales and professional services for various industrial hydraulic drum crushers across the world. These drum crushing machines can be capable of safely crushing metal drums or barrels. Take 55 gallon or 200L standard metal oil drum for example, our standard vertical drum crusher can crush it from its 851mm height down to only 100mm. So it greatly reduce metal oil drums storage space and save cost in its disposal cost. For automatic feeding and efficient crushing purpose, you can also choose our automatic drum crusher set to achieve automatic operation from feeding to exiting. So contact SINOBALER today to find your most suitable drum crusher.

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