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Comber Noil Baler / Comber Noil Baling Press Machine

Comber noil is a waste product of cotton. Noil is the short fiber from combing wool or spinning silk.  There are increasing demand for comber noils and flats. Hence comber noil recycling is already in process. How to store comber noil and transport comber noil? So comber noil baler is a good help.


Why you need a comber noil baler?

  1. Comber noil baler is used to compress the large amount of loose comber noil into tight bales for easy transportation and storage. Hence it saves a lot in transportation cost and storage cost. For example, cotton storage is sometimes limited at processing mill by scheduling deliveries from the cotton gin on a short cycle basis. So the short cycle schedule has saved operating cost and spacing.
  2. Cotton is easy to ignite. It has a fast spreading flame front and an acrid, dense smoke. The tight bales are easy to manage and hence reduce fire exposure. Fire probably occurs more frequently in textile plants than in any other major classification of industrial occupancy, because these plants process large quantities of highly combustible fibers. A cotton fire produces acrid, black smoke of a distinctive odor and can rapidly make the surrounding area untenable.


Comber noil baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER have several type of comber noil balers for your cotton waste comber noil baling options. For vertical comber noil baler, you can choose our lifting chamber baler or swivel twin lifting chamber baler. Lifting chamber baler is a baling machine especially designed for textile waste baling purpose. Compared to single lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler is more efficient as it can achieve material feeding and baling process at the same time. For horizontal comber noil baler, you can choose our L-type fully automatic baler for large amount materials’ baling purpose. What you need to do is just tell us your specific cotton waste baling requirements. Our professional team will recommend the most suitable comber noil baler for your own needs.


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