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Drum Press Machine

When there is an excess availability we use drums directly from the source. In the other case, we obtain the needed and store for future use. The stored items should be cared for not to lose the actual quality from the source. Among the different methods of storing, the storage using the drums has been the most effective.  But how to deal with the scrap drums? Size reduction of drums should be the first step as drums always occupy a lot of space and are not easy to transport. Drum press machine is ideal to compress drum into pieces and save a lot in space.

Waste Drums Recycling and Drum Press Machine

Drums including oil drums and paint drums are widely used in many industries. Not all the liquids are safe for usage. Some are to be handled with care and continuous monitoring. Hence a proper material of the drum and a safe place are important. The drums used have to avoid the direct contact of the external environment when it has a harmful liquid.

A drum press machine is a cylindrical surface closed on the bottom and provided with a lid to open and close the same. Out of all the different forms of materials available (solid, liquid and gas), it is easy to store solids as they do not deform. The difficulty arises when a liquid or a gas needs to be stored. Hence we use the drums of different sizes to store according to our needs.

The main characteristic of the drum is that it should not change the true quality of the stored material. This means the properties of the material stored should be the same before and after. Because of this reason, there is high demand for good drums. The manufacture is also done with great care because it should not be having any leakage.

The basic properties of a material do change over a period of time and it may lose its capability. Aligning to the same reason drums are compressed and recycled too. Unlike other recycling machines, drum press machine / drum compactor is the simplest looking. Although it needs a great power input, the machine is compact and smaller when compared to other.

The drum press machine / drum compactor presses down an entire drum into a thick and small cylinder. The compressed drums can be sent to recycling facility for re-use or reclamation of materials.

Drum Press Machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has both simple drum press machines and automatic drum press machines.  Tell us your inquiry details and our professional engineer will tailor the most suitable drum press machine for your own needs.


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