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Folding Platform Hand Trucks

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• Can move loads of up to 900 kg with ease
• Four wheels allow for 360 degree rotation
• Foldable handle makes for easy storage and saves space
• Pushes easily, making it safe and convenient to move loads


The Folding Platform Hand Truck is a tool that makes the job of transporting baled materials from one area to another easier and more convenient. Sinobaler's hand cart is completely foldable, making it easy to store and saving valuable space. This  particular platform dolly has four wheels, making it faster and more flexible. With a load capacity of up to 900kg, the Folding Platform Hand Truck is suitable for transporting relatively small and light bales across shorter distances within a facility.



•  Platform size: 920 x 620mm •  Height from floor: 220mm •  Material of platform: Iron •  Material of handrail: stainless steel •  Caster: 5” metal wheel carrier •  Handrail height: 890mm •  Capacity: 300kg •  Bearing of caster: ball bearing •  Weight: 21kgs

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