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Mute Folding Platform Hand Trucks

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• Silent, skid-free rubber wheels cut down on workplace noise, providing a cleaner and more comfortable working environment
• Can rotate 360 degrees
• Can easily and conveniently transport heavy loads
• Foldable handle saves storage space


Sinobaler's Mute Folding Platform Hand Truck is used in a similar manner to the Folding Platform Hand Trucks. The Mute Folding Platform Hand Truck is characterized as being low-noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable working environment. The Mute Folding Platform Hand truck is highly durable and has a long lifetime. It is also light and flexible, greatly reducing the energy needed to operate it. The Mute Folding Platform Hand truck is completely foldable to save space. It features traceless rubber wheels which will not skid or damage floors, making it an ideal solution for transporting smaller loads throughout a facility.



•  Platform size: 910 x 600mm •  Height from floor: 220mm •  Material of platform: resin •  Material of handrail: stainless steel •  Caster: 5” metal wheel carrier •  Handrail height: 890mm •  Capacity: 300kgs •  Bearing of caster: runner axle •  Weight: 18kg

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