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Heavy Duty Plate Baler / Heavy Duty Baler Machine

Recycling your scrap materials is not a new topic. But how to recycle the waste materials in the most cost effective and efficient way? This is the question we always have to ask and answer. Because we cannot let the landfill to be the only solution of the waste. Hence many recycling machines like heavy duty plate baler and shredder are a good help in the size reduction of scrap materials.


Heavy duty plate baler machines

From mini baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a suitable baler machine to compact your materials into dense bales. Heavy duty plate baler aims to compress some high rebounding materials or large amount of materials. Below are some typical heavy duty plate balers in SINOBALER:

  1. Heavy duty vertical baler is a two ram vertical baler. Vertical tire baler is also this type of baler machine. It features with heavy duty construction, high efficient hydraulic and electric parts. All of these add up to a reliable baler. So it is optimal for baling cardboard, plastic bottles, various harder materials like aluminum cans, tires and fibers etc. This type heavy duty vertical baler is for ease of use and maintenance friendly access.
  2. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine combines baling and bagging function into one machine. Many small and loose materials are quite suitable for this kind of machine. For example, if you want to bale wood shavings or sawdust, this machine can compress it into dense bales and then bag it into a plastic bag. If you want more efficient work, you also equip a sealing machine at the end of the machine. Or you can add a conveyor for easy material feeding.
  3. Large fully automatic horizontal baler is ideal for baling various waste materials. It can create bales of cardboard and paper, plastic bottles, plastic films, hay and straw, plant fiber and many other materials. It features with efficient work and high output. So it is very ideal for the facilities with large amount of materials baling requirements.


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