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Oil Filters Baling Press Machine

Oil filters baling press machine refers to the baler machine that compress oil filters into dense bales. You may be interested in some further questions about oil filter recycling. We have a simple introduction here for your easy reference.

Where do the used oil filters come from? 

An oil filter is for removing contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. They are used in many industries, and the major generation source of used filters is the automobile industry, other sources include hydraulic machines, dumpers, lawn mowers, motorcycles, generators etc. 

Why should we recycle used oil filters? 

Used oil filters contain considerable amount of oil which carries toxins and can contaminate the land and water if disposed improperly. Furthermore, the waste oil and metal filter casing are recyclable materials. We can turn the drained oil into lower grades of lubricating oils or fuel, and we can process the steel remains into new steel products. Recycling used oil filters not only protect the environment from pollution but also bring sustainable development. 

How waste oil filters are recycled? 

The primary treatment of waste oil filters is to use a pressing or crushing machine to compress the used oil filters. An oil filter baler machine presses filter under high pressure and squeeze the residual oil out. With the integrated liquid collection & drainage system on the press machine, you can collect the freed oil from the filters easily. The oil must be managed and stored separately. The drained and mechanically crushed oil filters can now be classified as solid waste. The oil filter baler machine not only help squeeze out oil, but also greatly reduce the volume of the filters, facilitating the further transportation and storage process of the metal remains. 

Oil filters baling press machine from SINOBALER

As a specialized hydraulic baling machine supplier in China, SINOBALER offers a wide selection of different types and sizes oil filters baling press machines. If you are not sure which baler is best for you, please feel free to contact us and one of our sales representative will be gladly discussing your baling needs in detail and provide the optimal solution for you.  View more size reduction machines here.